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06 June 02.
Only iPAQ 36xx has been tested.
Only a limited number of drivers are supported.


iMame Install (binary for iPAQ 36xx Pocket PC). iMame has been configured purposefully for small size, so only a handful of drivers have been enabled in the precompiled binary. These particular drivers were selected because 1) I like them and 2) they are (sorta) playable, given limitation of CPU and control buttons.

The Source Code for iMame is available for download. At some point these sources may be reorganized in order to better adhere to Usage and Distribution License of the Official MAME project. iMame is based on an older MAME version, which was placed under the GPL. Please contact me with issues pertaining to the iMame software.

iMame is based around source package which is NOT redistributed with iMame but rather should be downloaded from the Older MAME versions page found at the official MAME website. The build system is slightly (very) kludgey, but is explained reasonably well in the iMame Readme (included in iMame source zip archive). Some additional software tools and libraries are required in order to recompile iMame.

eMbedded Visual Tools from Microsoft (free license, Windows 98 SE or better required).

Zlib general purpose data compression library

Microsoft Game API (GAPI) for Pocket PC provides the header files and link library necessary for rebuilding iMame. This is only needed for recompiling, as the GAPI runtime DLL is provided with the iMame binary install package.

EZSetup, a WinCE Setup Application Creation Tool by Scott Ludwig. EZSetup was used along with the free Zip and Unzip tools from InfoZip to create the iMame self-extracting setup program. In order to make EZSetup work as needed, it was necessary to modify EZSetup and integrate it with the self-extract utility from Info-ZIP. The bits that are needed to rebuild the iMame Setup Utility, are available for download. The archive contains all the applicable portions of Unzip530, and EZSetup v1.0, and some documentation to explain what changes had to be made. It is less than ideal to redistribute the Unzip and EZSetup sources, it may be better to provide a patch instead. This Appinstall program is quite functional but was pretty much a hack. A crude description of creating the CAB file and Setup Program for iMame is included with the iMame Appinstall sources.


1. Connect the Pocket PC to the USB or serial cable. iMame Setup will automatically start the ActiveSync Application Manager, and install iMame to the Pocket PC.

2. Roms and samples can be stored in any folder in the Pocket PC filesystem, including the storage card; it does not matter what the directories are named because it is configurable (see step 3). Using separate directories for ROMs and samples is a good idea because ROM files and Sample files could be named identically. ZIP format is suported for ROMs. Be advised that some files needed for iMame may not be consistent with the newer MAME naming conventions. Use the iMame "Game Info" feature to verify that iMame is looking for the files where you have installed them

3. Run iMame by picking it from the Pocket PC Windows Start Menu. The first time you run iMame, it is necessary to change the default Rom and Sample directories by choosing the options under the iMame Directories Menu.

Refer to the iMame Readme and the iMame application help menu for more information.

To the best of my knowledge, iMame has no software defects that will jeopardize your data. However, I will not be held responsible if the iPAQ locks up and data is lost. The iMame program can be stopped by selecting iMame|Quit menu. If it seems to "hang", it can usually be stopped by killing the iMame task from the "Q" menu. for some reason the iMame program locks If the task can't be killed, perform a soft-reset of the iPAQ by pushing in the very small reset button on the bottom of the unit. Soft-reset does not usually put the data in peril, but since data storage on the iPAQ under Wince is contained in a ram-filesystem, there is always a slight risk. So be sure to back up the data to a PC.

CAVEATS: Be advised that some ROM files needed for iMame may not be consistent with the newer MAME naming conventions. This is not easy to explain if you are not familiar with the MAME history of ROM merges, etc. iMAME will NOT patch the driver to use newer ROM images. The iMame "Game Info" feature was created as an easy way to verify what files and ROM images that iMame is looking for, and what directories it expects to find them in. I suggest that, for example, if you know you need an older ROM archive named "GALAGA.ZIP", Google for it. The old ROM archive will probably be found tucked away on some obscure cable-modem server in a far away place!. ROM images will NOT be provided here, please don't ask for them. Be advised that most ROM images (but not all) found on the 'net remain are copyrighted material.
Separate audio samples are required for certain drivers. Although MAME now uses .WAV format, older MAME versions uses a format identified as .SAM. Many audio samples in .SAM format are availablable at KiLLerCloWn's MameWorld/ArcadeXtreme Tunes Page.


iMame project has been created by me Glenn Neidermeier who sometimes goes by the handle of Gandalf. I will try to respond to all questions about the software.


Official MAME homepage.

My personal home page I ported some programs to iPAQ for Linux. Linux on the iPAQ and other devices.

iMame in France!

Original Mame32 Much of iMame interface to Windows CE is derived from files found in original MAME for Windows project (version 0.36).

New Mame32 project. Since MAME has now integrated Windows OS support as a console application, this project provides the graphic user interface for Windows system.

Techmaster MameCE for Palm PC and Pocket PC. (based on current MAME and MameCE sources).

KiLLerCloWn's MameWorld/ArcadeXtreme Tunes Page(download MAME sample files in .SAM format required for older version of MAME).

Thanks to MameWorld for hosting the new site! Thanks to 999 for the nifty iMame logo!


17JUN03: Updated links and other text on index page.

06JUN02: "\Storage Card" should work for ROM and Sample directory storage now. Thanks to Sorry it took so long. Had some extra time lately, got laid off from my job. I can dual boot my iPAQ between Linux and Wince now, running Linux off a 1G IBM Microdrive and leaving Wince to run from flash. Anyone hiring Software Engineers? I do Wince, Linux, embedded, real-time. BTW, did not re-release source archive. This was a one-line fix. In mamedir.c, simply change line 170 to "if( FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY & finddata.dwFileAttributes )". That is, changed the "==" to "&".